Aston Martin – the British Icon

Aston Martin are responsible for some of the greatest cars to be found in any iconic sports car collection. The Aston Martin can be found in many of the great James Bond films that portray the high performance sports cars out maneuvering the villains and leaving spectators in awe of what’s on show.

So what has made the Aston Martin such an icon over the years, and why has it become the ultimate boys toy? This article will look at a few of the contributing factors that has made the Aston Martin a much sought after luxury item.

It’s easy to understand that the impact the James Bond franchise has had on Aston Martin sales has been truly beneficial. James Bond being a British icon, representing the mans man, leading a lifestyle of beautiful women, money and only the best of what’s on offer. The Aston Martin has been associated with that lifestyle and portrayed on screen as the ultimate dream machine. The car would be put through it paces in each film pushing it harder and faster yet always delivering results, and portrayed as a truly reliable vehicle.

The design of the car is another key element that draws people to own one. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage, DB9, and the Vanquish have all retained the smooth, sleek and curvy design that was associated with the manufactures earlier models such as the DB6, DB4 and the early DB2 which enables the cars design to be unique to that brand. The original design and look of the car represents itself, fashion and style.

With the Aston Martin company moving from various owners over the years the dealership now look stable and ready to move forward. Going from strength to strength and with plans to unveil a new concept vehicle in 2009 coinciding with Aston Martins 100th anniversary the brand looks set to be around for many years to come.

So it seems that the Aston Martin is highly sought after for many reasons. The uniquely designed Aston Martins portray a lifestyle that is seen by many people as the ‘ideal’, by owning one you become part of an elite group that reflects money, style and above all success.  To view obtainable high performance sports cars check out an Aston Martin Dealership and join the elite.

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