Transit Connect contest goes down a treat!

The European designed Ford Transit Connect contains over 140 cubic ft of storage space and is available for allsorts of different commercial uses. There are some vehicles that offer great potential for change and customization and the Ford Transit Connect 2010 is such a vehicle.

Summer 2009 will bring the new Ford Transit Connect, a petite (in transit terms!) but spacious commercial van that can either seat up to five passengers or be used to store or transport goods or products. To advertise the vans potential to possible consumers Ford ran a competition where small company managers answered the question. How can the Ford Transit Connect enhance your working day? The five winners not only won a Transit Connect but got them customised to the owners specific daily needs! So what did the winning entries get?

Kimberlee Mitchell the owner of Boo Boo Busters an American company that babyproofs peoples homes with specialist hardware, will use her new Transit Connect as a mobile warehouse.

Circle Tail (who are a non profit organisation) are using their Transit Connect to transport dogs that assist people with hearing, psychiatric, mobility and neurological disabilities and disorders.

Dummies on the Run will use their Transit Connect in able to travel around the country with their own medical dummies to teach people information on first aid and CPR.

Omar Herrara will be using his new Ford Transit Connect to transport his cleaning equipment for his Maid Pro’s cleaning service.

Matthew Wade is delighted to have won his Transit Connect otherwise his kayaking company Ten Mile Creek might not of been able to supply his service to as many customers.

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