Vehicle Review – Ford Transit SportVan

Ford Transit Vans have often been advertised as the answer for every van drivers wants and needs. The huge variety available include different engines, roof heights and wheel bases. The new Ford Transit Sport Van incorporates all that is great about a transit van whilst adding a touch of finesse and attractiveness. Below we will go through the positives and negatives of the new Ford Transit Sport Van.

Looks - Given that the Ford Transit is known as one of the most attractive vans on the market it is hardly surprising to learn that the new Sports van is the same but with a few modifications. In a stylish blue with side skirts, extended wheelarches and a cool modern interior the Ford Sport van is not one to miss!

Ride and Handling – The Ford Transit Sports Van handles like a dream considering that it is a large commercial van. The suspension is strong enough to deal with nearly a tonne of goods. Steering is responsive and the ride is reasonably comfortable and long journeys can be made without the need to stop frequently.

Performance – Not usually seen as vital for a van driver but the latest Ford Transit offers a strong 2.2 litre diesel engine which gives you enough thrust to keep up with supposedly superior vehicles. It is expected to top speed at approximately 100mph and will take 14-15 seconds from 0-60mph.

Safety and Equipment – The Sports Van features nearly £3,000 worth of add-ons including: CD player, cruise control, electric mirrors/windows as well as air conditioning. Safety wise the Sports Van comes with driver and passenger airbags as standard.

X-Factor – The Ford Transit Sports Van is expected to sell very well and you can understand why, although some other commercial vans may possess a couple of sporty add-ons this sports van delivers on nearly every level.

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