Why Ford Transit Commercial Vans are ahead of the competition

Still the market leader. Ford Transit Commercial Vans offer something for everyone. Known as the benchmark for a large variety of commercial vehicles the Ford Transit is what everyone else in the sector measures themselves against. Always at the front when it comes to the latest most exciting ideas, Ford took an average idea and made it a bit more interesting!

A great thing to remember during a time of financial strife is that when inflation is accounted the Ford Transit is less expensive now than it was in 1995. A short wheel Transit van cost £12,270 in 1995 (which is £17,000 in today’s money) Compare this to the latest Transit van which is available at only £14,290 with a whole load of modern safety and comfort features that weren’t available 14 years ago.

Examples of new/improved features on the Ford Transit Van include: Anti skid brakes, improved airbag, a stability program (ESP), power steering, electric windows and a new cleaner and greener engine that is friendlier to the environment and pushing Ford ahead of the other auto giants.

This saving is reflected by Mr Steve Kimber, the Ford commercial director.

“A loaf of bread cost seven pence in 1995 and today is more than 17 times dearer.

“With vans, customer expectations in terms of driver comfort and safety have risen considerably since 1995, but the price hasn’t. I can’t think of a better value proposition for a van that is still the best business partner you can buy.”

Confident words from Ford but with such a comprehensive range of vehicles its understandable. With a range including the 350 EF Box Van, Transit Connect 260SWB Sport Van and 460EL Jumbo high roof van, the future looks bright!

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