Disabled Motoring

There are many people through out the UK that are unfortunately disabled. Yet these people manage to live a normal life and in some cases to a better standard than some of us who are considered completely able bodied. It would be a mistake to ignore the influence that technology has had to people who are disabled. Advances have made life more comfortable for many people who are disabled and have enabled life to become a little easier.

One advance brought to us by the technology available to the disabled is the adaptation of vehicles for the disabled. This invaluable service has proved to be a great benefit to many who have such needs. An ideal solution for people that are finding that transport is becoming increasingly difficult. Adaptations to vehicles will allow the car to be modified in such away that makes gaining access in and out of the vehicle.

Two simple questions will access as to if an adaptation to the car would make life any easier. ‘Does anyone in your family use a wheel chair?’ And, ‘is transport becoming difficult?’ If you have answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then this could be the solution that you are looking for to make life a little easier.
There are two options that can accommodate the need that the disabled passenger has. Option one is an adapted passenger seating system. In order to obtain this, usually a standing transfer is required. The carer or partner needs to be free of back, shoulder or heart problems. The wheelchair is also required to be dismantled and loaded into the boot of the vehicle.

Brotherwood adapted car

Option two is a vehicle that is adapted for wheelchair access using a ramp that allows access via the rear of the car. This is usually achieved by a hydraulic lift or a simpler ramp system that attaches to the back of the car.

On both accounts it would be well worth while seeking the advice of a professional company that specialises in the adaptation of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and has a track record in supplying Mobility Vehicles

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