Green cars

As the car industry witness a decline in sales figures and the economy struggles to find it feet again, could a standstill in the market be kick started by a new greener choice of car? Big players in the car industry such as Ford are developing eco friendly cars that will be affordable to the masses and offer an alternative to oil driven vehicles.

The Denver Auto Show presented the new greener cars to the public as a more efficient approach to motoring. These cars were not something that was to be launched in the future or even concept cars but these are available now. As it stands a greener solution is not in the pipeline but with in our reach.

Thomas Niemann of Ford Motor Co explained the idea behind their green approach to motoring “Whatever we do has to be affordable and available for millions. It can’t be a niche project,” This is something that Ford is addressing and is obviously considering the masses in this move towards green.

Although the green cars are thought by some, to be a much needed step towards the motor industries impact on the planet.

The opportunity could be in people looking to upgrade their existing cars for something that will offer them the ability to save money and an affordable green car could provide that motivation that people need to change their cars.

Niemann went on to explain that Fords engineers are getting better fuel performance out of traditional petrol cars. The EcoBoost program that has been developed and used by Ford improves the efficiency of fuel by 20% through direct fuel injection and turbo charging. These technologies are usually reserved for muscle cars, yet by 2013, they are expected to be in 90% of the cars that Ford produce and may feature on some of their vans for sale.

Ford also plans to produce, by 2012, at least four battery powered electric models, including a delivery van called the Ford Transit Connect, which will offer up to 100 miles per charge.

The introduction of an electric car will be a giant step in the progression of the motor industry and should pave the way to secure the future of the car. However some people say that car manufactures can not produce some thing that will be affordable enough to completely replace the car as we know. It seems only time will tell.

To view the current range of Ford Commercial vans try the Ford Transit Connect for a good starting point.

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