The Future of Sales in the Motor Industry

The drop in car sales has continued through the release of the new 09 plates. Indications show that the public are still not ready to start spending their cash on motor vehicles Even the arrival of the new 09 registration plates in March couldn’t kick start sales in the motor industry. Sales of new registrations in March of 2009 are expected to be down about 30% in comparison to the figures in March of 2008.

A slump in figures is part of an ongoing phase that seems to be brought on by the finical strain being seen throughout the world’s economy. The housing market and banking sector has also not gone unaffected by the economic downturn.

According to the SMMT the forecast of the industry slump looks set to fall up to 1.72 million yet this is obviously only a predicted fall.

A proposed car-scrappage scheme that the government is set to announce may see a rise in new car sales. The scheme proposes a financial incentive for those who own older vehicles to scrap them and buy a new greener model. This could be a great opportunity for those who use commercial vehicles for work and consume a vast amount of fuel, reducing to on going expense of fuel as well as the impact on the environment.  Germany is one country that has already introduced a scrappage scheme which saw a rise in new car sales by 40%.

New car sales are usually a good indication of consumer confidence and will allows us to judge the status of the economic structure. The 90s saw new car registrations drop for 27 months straight. The recovery process saw the industry recover upon the time of the annual introduction of new registrations to a staggering 2.5 million.

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