James bond and the Aston Martin pt 1

Every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him. We are, of course talking about the thrill seeking double agent himself, Mr. James Bond. Since the beginning of the films in the 1960s James Bond has become an icon of international proportions. Facing danger at every turn, an endless stream of beautiful and exotic women, not to mention the gadgets and all the while making it look stylish and easy. This is part one of a two part look at the important role that the Aston Martin has played side by side by James bond over the last 40 years.

One of the greatest appeals to many men across the globe that want to be like Mr Bond is the cars. It’s easy to see why, with some of the best and fastest vehicles on earth. A consistent appearance has been made by the Aston Martin cars and their appearance has only concreted their place as one of the best and most stylish cars in the world. Sporting a whole host of gadgets that are not found on the standard models, these cars still offer a lifestyle and a persona that to most people is just fantasy.

The 1964 film ‘Goldfinger’ saw the first Aston Martin to make an appearance in the James Bond films and due to it’s over whelming success begun a long and profitable partnership between the two. Sean Connery played the character of James bond and was seen in the now vintage DB9. A stunning car that showed these tidy little sports cars have more to offer than a stunning exterior.

The Aston Martin was to make it’s next appearance in the 1969 film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ this time was saw the one and only appearance by George Lazenby as James Bond. The film was based on the 1963 novel by Ian Flemming of the same name we saw Lazenby driving the classic Aston Martin DBS. This was to be another of the Aston Martin greats and with an appearance in a film that was soon becoming an icon this was only going to reinforce Aston Martins place in the most wanted car collection.

This concludes the first part of our James Bond and Aston Martin partnership. The second part will be added shortly

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