James bond and the Aston Martin pt 2

James bond and the Aston Martin pt 2

Here we see the conclusion to our look at the James Bond and the Aston Martin partnership. The first article addressed the start of the Aston Martin appearance in the Bond films starting with the Goldfinger film and over the years has seen an eveloving car as well as an iconic brand.

The 1987 films ‘The Living Daylights’ was to see another Aston Martin car appear alongside Mr. Bond. This time James Bond was played by the actor Timothy Dalton and the film went on to make in excess of 190 million dollars. When you consider the amount of people who would go and see this James Bond film, then it becomes apparently obvious how important it is to have only the best cars in the film. Aston Martin used the V8 Vantage Volante as the car of choice for Mr. Bond this time and once again the car did not fail to disappoint.

1995 was the release of ‘GoldenEye’. This time Pierce Brosnan would take the role of James Bond and due to his success would go on to make a further three films. This film saw the introduction of the Aston Martin DB5 a car that some considered to be their best to date.

Die Another Day’ was the next film that saw an Aston Martin and Pierce Brosnan partner up to save the world from a power hungry mad man. The V12 Vanquish was another great addition to the Aston Martin legacy and the appearance in the James Bond film again did no hard to its accreditations.

Over the years Aston Martin has been a continued presence throughout the evolution of the James Bond films. Changing to meet the needs of our hero in a world that is evermore advancing in technology Aston Martin does not fail to deliver. The appearance of the cars through the James Bond films has been so noted for their contribution in the presence of the films that scale models have even been produced to allow the public to own a piece of cinematic history.

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