Aston Martin – Watch Out

We all know who James bond is, men want to be him and women want to be with him. And who in their right minds wouldn’t the latest gadgets, an action packed lifestyle and not to mention the endless string of ladies we always see hanging off of his arm.

To many people however it’s all about the gadgets and the fast cars, and if you want all of those things then you are not alone. Just imagine having Aston Martins available as and when you want them with special features that fire rockets from the headlights, ejector seats for those annoying co-passengers and a button that makes the car invisible. Brilliant! The problems with this is that it is just a Hollywood film then it’s not really likely to happen…or is it?

Many times in the films Mr. Bond has turned to the aid of his watch to get him out of a sticky situation. A watch has now been developed that will allow you to lock and unlock you Aston Martin by merely pressing on the face of the watch. Sounds unlikely, but its true. It’s all part of a series of watches that are linked to high performance super cars that offer this remote locking feature. These watches are not only tributes to these legendary machines but work in harmony with them.

A series of watches have been made to work with the supercars like Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Lamborghini. The Aston Martin watch is a Jaeger-LeCoultre and has been designed a developed to work with a top of the range Aston Martin DBS coupe.

This appearance of these themed racing car style watches is a much welcome one. Ferrari and Porsche have been well noted for their branding and have spawned a series of clothing. Yet these watches are aimed at the people who actually own these machines rather than wish that they had one.

If you are a James Bond type of guy and want to get your hands on a car that will reflect that get your self to an Aston Martin Dealers and check out what they have. Alternatively if you are more of an Alan Sugar and like to be chauffeured around then try a reputable Bentley Dealers and get your self some style now.

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