Car Lovers Unite

If like me you are always keen to see a vintage car or two that has stood the test of time before lavish design and technology played a part in the way in which we view cars, than you might have seen the NEC Classic Motor Show.

The show featured a whole host of classic cars that have been restored to the highest standards. Amateurs and professionals alike visited the show in their thousands to meet more like minded people that share their passion for cars.

A popular draw at the event was the appearance of television celebrities Mike Brewer and Edd China who host the Wheeler Dealers television show. Their ‘cheeky chappy’ banter amused and entertained the crowds with their live events that people flocked to see.

The Classic Car show also featured some of the most luxurious and desirable motor cars from around the world. Fully restored classic motors, vintage sports cars and well maintained luxurious machines were all on display for the public to see. The great aspect of this show was the ability to really get close to the cars and see the intense level of detail. Custom paint jobs, modifications and the little things that make the cars that little bit more individual are there for inspections. Allowing you to see the character of the individual that is restoring the car in the work they have done.

Yet, it’s not just the cars that people come to see. The show always features a broad range of enthusiasts that have a passion for motors. It’s these people (and you) that drive (no pun intended) the industry to show such great support for these classic cars and their owners. With the continuously evolving motor industry there will always be a passion for the classic and retro cars that are highly sought after of yesteryear.

There is a great section of images from the NEC Classic Car show here for anyone who wasn’t able to make it. Full credit goes to tonylanciabeta’s photostream

For you chance to get a classic car of the future you might want to try a range of Ford cars like the Ford Ka or the Ford Focus.

If any of you people visited the Classic Car Show then I am keen to hear from you. Feel free to get in contact or post your comments below.

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