Getting Started in Winter

As the winter looks to be setting in, the UK braces itself for another tough season. Already this week the weather has seen areas of the UK flood and homes damaged to a vast degree due to the elements.

If you have a car that is left outside then you will want to ensure that it is prepared for what the weather has in store. Not everyone has a garage, so what should you be looking out for in order to protect your car from what Mother Nature has to offer?

One problem that many cars suffer from in the height of the winter season is the freezing of the door locks. Nothing can be more frustrating than whilst hurrying to get into your car to take shelter from the elements, you find that you can not get the key into the lock and instead remain outside the car whilst pleading with the ice to melt if only to allow you access into the car. This can be a pain at the best of times, let alone when it’s -5 degrees outside. You can get deicer for locks so it would be best to be prepared for the freezing up next time. Be sure not to leave the deicer residue on the car as it can leave an unsightly mark when it dries out.

Another freezing problem is the frozen windscreen wipers. Just imagine that you have had a five minute battle with the lock to get into the car, after spending ten minutes defrosting the windscreen so the ice has gone and you see out clearly, then you get in the car turn the windscreen wipers on and nothing. They are frozen. They have stuck to the windscreen and are hanging on to dear life as it’s so cold that not even they want to have to go to work on this cold a frosty morning. So, out you get, deicer in hand to tackle yet another ice-on-car situation just so you can start the day, and get to work.

The third problem will be a little more obvious. It’s big and white and goes by the name Snow. Usually it get everywhere and will usually surround your car. In fact, you car is probably under it all. Getting into the car might have already proven difficult thus far and you haven’t even got the car moving. So what are your options?

Rocking the car
Step one: gather some friends, neighbors, passer bys, or anyone with arms and legs. You get in to the car (where it’s not so cold) and get everyone else to gently rock the car back and forth whilst you sit inside with the car in first gear ad your foot on the accelerator until you start moving in the direction that you want to go.

Use Wood
Good old wood. Depending on how deep your car is submerged in the depths of this frozen blanket, a good solution can be placing a large piece of timber in front of the wheels of the car. Once the car makes contact with the wood you should have the car moving forwards ready to start your journey.

Yet there will come a day when (in the depths of winter), the car will die. For good. Never to take you to work again, just to remain there until that fateful day when it is shipped of to the scrap yard and turned in to a cube. When that day comes you might want to treat your self to a new Bentley or Porsche, or something else of a high quality, as to not have to travel around in a standard, run-or-the-mill car. Treat yourself to a little luxury and smoother and faster ride to work.

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