Growing in the Wind

With each new car company looking to become more eco friendly, each one is finding new ways in which to develop their own green ways to hep push the motor industry towards a more environmentally friendly solution.

As each new car, as well as the way we live, depends more heavily on electricity, car manufactures must find something that will be able to replace the source of this power.
New information (full article here about green power) indicated that Ford are looking to utilise wind power in order to drive their factory. OK, so it’s not quite in the car yet, but it’s a step forward.

The two wind turbines that they have installed stands a staggering 150 metres tall and helps to service the Belgium Ford factory.

Yet you might not know that this is not the first wind turbine that has been installed to run a car manufacturer in Europe. Dagenham in the UK was the first, and due to this success they are set to see another installed during next year.

Following the success of this installation in Belgium, we could see many other car manufactures take a similar line in using wind to power their plants. Ford will be watching to see if this goes to plan, and you can be sure that this will be something that will be rolled out across all plants if cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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