Iconic Sports Cars

The top 10 most iconic sports cars have been revealed and there are some monster machines in he list. The list covers the last 60 years of high performance sport cars that have been long fantasized about by the public and many men the world over.

There are a few names that you would expect in the list to be there Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini and a few surprises in there too. We will have a look at some of these cars in a bit more detail and see why they are the choice of all the people looking for a luxury iconic sports car, as well as what they had brought to the market.

First on our list is the Porsche 911 (to be more specific the 1963 version on the 911). It’s understandable that this car would appear in the list as, it’s curvy body work and playful design has been echoed through the many generations of Porsche from here after. Each model becoming faster and more luxurious yet still remaining true to the curves that Porsche is well known for.

Ferrari is the next giant on the list with the highly sought after 308 GTB. A popular car that got global status thanks to Magnum PI (played by Tom Selleck).  The 308 GTB was a mid engine sports car that caught the attention and hearts of the world. The body work of the car was made from glass-reinforced plastic which made the vehicle lightweight and faster.

Next on the list is the popular Lamborghini Countach. Another mid engine sport car produced by the second Italian automaker on our list. This was one of the first cars that had been designed in a ‘wedge shape’ style, a look that would become highly popular and much admired among many men. With a production of little over two thousand these cars are still highly collectable today and a ‘must have’ item for any sports car collection.

The next car we are going to look at is the Ford Mustang. You might think that it is a bit unusual to see a Ford car in the list as Ford is usually branded as a sport cars. Yet over the years they have managed to produce many cars that have pushed forward the industry and enabled them to stand firm through out the tougher times. The Ford Mustang was produced in the United States of America and is still a highly sought after model, even by today’s standards. The first model of this car came to light as early as the 1960s, yet the model we are talking about here is the 1964 model. This car was to spawn the ‘pony car ‘which is a class of American car which is a sports car/ coupe with long bonnets. This paved way for the Chevrolet Camaro and Chryslers revamped Plymouth. The Mustang remains on of the only ‘pony cars’ to remain true to the original design and concept after 4 decades of development and technological advances.

This completes the short run down of a few of the more popular iconic sports cars that once graced the roads across the globe. Although many of these cars are now in private collections and highly sought after you will still be able to find a nice selection of luxury sports cars like used Aston Martins, pre owned Porsches and cars from second hand Bentley dealerships.

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