Inflatable seatbelts introduced by Ford

Reports indicate that Ford have developed an inflatable seat belt to provide a better level of safety in the rear seat.

The introduction of these seat belts are designed to reduce the risk of chest, head and neck injuries to children as well as older passengers who are usually more likely to sustain these injuries if they are involved in an accident.

You should see the arrival of these seat belts appear on the next generation of Ford utility vehicles that should be available as from next year. Unfortunately these seat belts are not yet currently available in the Fords offered in the UK such as the Ford Ka from the Dorset dealership or anywhere else in the UK at the time of publication of this blog post.

The seat belt has been developed to spread the pressure and the impact of a crash up to 5 times more efficiently than the current seat belt system.  This will reduce the force on the chest and reduces neck motion for rear seat passengers.

The belt is said to be as comfortable as or more so than the existing belt that is currently being used. This could play a large part in getting youngster to belt up whilst in the back of a car. A comfortable and efficient safety feature will always be welcome in any type of market and even more so when it comes to the safety of your family.

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