Is a Warranty Worth it?

A common belief among people is that warranties aren’t worth the paper that they are written on. Car warranties are some of those that people would consider that fall under this category. With all the disclaimers and restrictions that they come with can they really be a worth while investment.

It seems however, that many people have decided that car warranties for used cars can be a greatly beneficial element to have. Why? Well, many people can not afford to but a brand new car each time the manufactures warranty expires. They also can’t cope with the loss of their car, as usually no transport to work could result in a job loss, something that people would like to avoid, especially in the current economic instability.

Most motors can be covered for many of their parts against failure enabling you to have peace of mind.

For many people it is worth the money for reassurance. Not breaking down on a cold wet windy night in the dark on the side of the road awaiting roadside assistance wondering how much it is all going to cost. Knowing that if something goes wrong with the car then its covered. Otherwise you can guarantee that two other things will go wrong at the same time causing a mad panic and a frantic search for the money to fix everything.

Have you taken out an extended warranty? Has it worked for you? What was your experience with the deal? Leave a comment on what you think.

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