Looking to Buy a Car?

A car is a purchase that you want to last. For a lot of people a car is a buy that will be an essential tool that will enable them to get to work, see family and friends and run the kids around. It is so important that the car is reliable and well looked after. You will also want to ensure that the car you buy is from a reputable seller that will be able to offer you a good guarantee.

So what other things should you look out for when buying a car?

Is it Reliable?
A car needs to be reliable. There is no point in buying a cheap car and then having it break down every 5 minutes, leaving you stranded on the hard shoulder of the motor way or stuck at the traffic light because the engine has cut out. Have a look online and get some reviews about the car and the dealer and see how good their reputation really is.

Drive it
Test drive the car. If the seller isn’t too keen, then run a mile. Chances are that if they don’t want you driving it, they don’t want you to notice something. Get a feel for the car and see how it handles. Is there enough space in the car and can you manoeuvre it easily enough? There is no point buying a car because it’s cheap but you find difficult to drive.

Check the paperwork
Make sure the car has had regular services. Has it got the full history or is something missing? If you think something might be wrong then it might be worth checking out or if you’re unsure then avoid it. You don’t want to be left with a pile of junk.

Look for spots of rust on the bodywork. Under the wheel arches is a great place to start so you can see what isn’t so obvious at first glance. Does it look like there has been extensive damage to the car in the past? Has a door been sprayed a slightly different colour than the rest of the car? This is usually a sign that the car has been in an accident.

This should cover a few of the basics. There are many other elements that need to be looked at when buying a new car but this will give u a great starting point when looking to buy yourself a new car.

If like many other people you are looking to buy a car from a reliable source and a company that only offer good products with an outstanding reputation then why not try Focus Poole for a great choice of Ford cars or if you are looking for a Ford Focus Dorset based dealership then try Foray Motor Group.

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