The Benefits of a Car Warranty

Next to a house, a car is the most expensive item we purchase. And just like a house a car comes with a long list of running costs. Yearly tax and MOT, insurance and servicing, and the ever rising cost of petrol are all substantial drains on our income. And no matter how reliable the car nor how well serviced it is, inevitably, we will suffer the ignominy of a major failure. This will mean a trip to your local garage for repair. Whilst most garages offer an excellent service they still charge handsomely for their time. And modern cars often have exceedingly expensive parts, often a result of having to replace a whole unit rather than just the component at fault.

Most of us are prepared for the regular payments to keep our cars running along happily. But it’s those unexpected breakdowns that really hammer our bank balances and in accordance with sod’s law they will always come the day after you’ve paid for a holiday or a generous surprise birthday gift.

What if you could prepare for that moment so that when the mechanic passes you the bill instead of a lurch in your stomach, you feel a flush of satisfaction and relief? This is when the benefits of a car warranty plan are at their most obvious. With a quick call to the claims department you can have all that paper work taken care of and the bill signed off without a penny leaving your bank account.

These benefits are even more apparent with car warranties for used cars. By their very nature a used car has an unknown history and no matter how good an example they are, there is always the risk of that clutch going or the exhaust dropping off. By planning ahead with a car warranty plan you are making easy monthly payments as a form of protection against those big garage bills. Initially you may not feel the benefit but you will thank every payment made when you leave the garage without having handed over any cash whilst the customer behind you goes green at the sight of their bill and wanders what will have to be sacrificed from little Jimmy’s birthday to cover their expense.

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