Trading up?

As many of us get older we are able to afford more luxurious objects and a better lifestyle. One such luxury that we allow ourselves is that of a new car. Most of us have an idea of what car makes the ‘ideal’ perhaps an Aston Martin, a nice Porshce, or even a Ferrari. Yet getting one of these monster machines poses the question of ‘What should I do with my old car?’ If you decide to buy a pre owned Bentley then the most logical step is to sell your old car. So what can you do to ensure that you get the best price for your car?

Here we will look at a few things that you can do to add some additional value to your motor when it goes on to the market.

Wash your car
It sounds simple but it’s really obvious. It may not only increase the change of selling but gives the impression that they car is well maintained and really well looked after.  Clean the car from top to bottom. Wash and Wax the bodywork using good quality shampoo and wax, don’t forget to pay attention to wheel arches outer skirts and inner door panels. Dry the car with a leather chamois, this will help reduce streaking and unsightly marks. Clean the wheels, these get really dirty and nice and shiny allows will make the car get that showroom feel.

Clean inside
Vacuum the carpets, mats, door trims and anywhere else dust might be collecting. You’ll find that the dust will get everywhere, especially under the seats. Clean the windows inside and out, greasy windows will put people off and also can make a test drive difficult if the sun glares across the screen. Empty ashtrays, the glove compartment as well as the side door storage compartments, loose pens and parking tickets are always collecting in there.

Basic checks

You don’t have to be a mechanic to check over the engine. Just make sure there is enough oil in the car and water levels are up to a satisfactory standard. Make sure that the coolant is at the right quantity. Also have a look at the tyres. Are they bold? Do they need pumping up? These might be a few questions that you will need to address.

Check prices of other similar cars

There will probably be other similar cars available on the market so check out the competition. See what’s about and what they offer and see if you can provide a better deal or some unique selling points for any potential sellers.

That should cover a few basics that will help your car become more marketable and a lot more appealing.

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