Batmobile for sale

So Christmas is right around the corner and there are probably one or two presents that you want to buy for yourself. Chances are good that you have seen something that you like and you have a wish list longer than your arm. Perhaps some new gadgets, new clothes or even a new car tops the list.

What type of car would you go for? Aston Martin, Ferrari, or why not something a little more exotic, like the Batmobile! Just imagine that, no longer driving around in your Ford Focus but cruising around the town in the Batmobile! What’s the chance of getting a car? Seems unlikely, I know but it available to buy! Don’t believe me? It’s on Ebay (Click).

This would be your chance to own your child hood dream car (and just in time for xmas). The car is fully legal to be out on the road, comes with MOT and has registered British number plates.

The car is based upon the 1973 Lincoln Continental and is equipped with a 7.5 litre engine.

Being only one to three known in the world this car is sure to be hot property and is bound to attract a lot of attention as well as a lot of competition.

That’s not all though. The new owner of this car will get flashing lights, a parachute, after burners and rockets! What are you waiting for? Head over and have a look and place a bid.

TomTom iPhone Car Kit

You know what its like, driving around in your Ford Ka pretending not to be lost, whilst trying to work out where you are without having to resort to the map and let everyone else in the car know that you are in fact lost.

At this point you have two options:

Option 1: Try and get the passenger to tell you where you are and where you need to go in order to reach your destination. This obviously flags up that your are lost, however you can always blame it on the ‘poor road’ signs

Option 2: Ask a pedestrian for directions. This is by no means an ideal option for a man. To admit that you are lost is like not knowing about engines, or being afraid of spiders (it’s just not done).

Help is at hand. TomTom have teamed up with Apple to produce an iPhone to be used as a navigation system. The system used GPS radio signal to identify where you are and where you want to go taking you to your destination. Using a similar system to the TomTom navigation systems currently out on the market, this is proving to be a lot more accurate that what is currently available for the iPhone.

The Kit is completely hands free and will enable you to use the system legally. Although the TomTom SatNav would currently be a better option as they are designed specifically designed to do just that and is far more accurate and can be a lot more reliable.

This would make a great gift for anyone who doesn’t have a great sense of direction.

Car Modifications

For many years people have opted for car modifications. Not all of which have been with in the confines of the law. However this hasn’t stopped many people adding their own individual touches to make their car a little more unique.

The newest motors offered by Ford dealerships allow for additional modifications opening up the appeal to those who want something a little more bespoke. Yet many people choose to not wait to see what the manufactures suggest when it comes to modification, and in many cases go against what convention might suggest as a good idea.

This is one that I have seen around and seems to be getting more popular as time goes on. The spoiler, is a nice addition to most cars and done tastefully could add something to the car. There are many factors that need to be addressed when it comes to the choosing of a spoiler. Size, color and location are just a few of the things that need to be addressed and not one should be undervalued. By ignoring just one element could leave you car looking ridiculous and laughable.

Exhausts are another addition to a car that can really emphasis it. It can enhance the sound and feel of the car and provide a much greater impression when driving through town. Yet if also selected poorly can leave you with a ridiculous car that you will struggle to get people in to. Too big and people will think that you have gone mad and the wrong size and shape will allow it to stick out like a sore thumb.

Cash saving modifications might be a good solution for the wallet put might not seem like a good idea later down the line. Just adding a few bits here and there as well as trying to ‘enhance’ bits of the car that really doesn’t need it could make for a very daft looking ride, and one that the ladies might not be too keen to get into. Think wisely about what you choose and remember that quality is better than quantity.

It’s important that you select the right modifications for the right car. A poor job could not only make the car look stupid but even devalue the cars worth. Besides that all your friends might abandon you.

Terry Wogan’s Bentley sold at auction

You may have heard one or two whispers about the legendary Radio 2 broadcaster retiring this week. Sir Terry Wogan is set to step down from is early morning breakfast show after 27 years presenting it. The broadcaster has decided to step down from the show whilst also moving away from presenting the Eurovision Song contest.

But it is not only Mr. Wogan himself that has made the news. It was revealed that a pre-owned Bentley was sold at auction, which happened to be owned by Mr Wogan himself.

The car was purchased by a museum in the former Soviet state. At the time of the auction the car was not in possession of Sir Terrance, in fact he had sold the car some years ago. There was a little bit of interest in the bidding for the car.

The new owner of the car can be reassured that the Bentley would have been well looked after by Sir Terry, as he holds the second slowest lap time on a TV race that competes celebrities in reasonably priced cars.

His former motor is a Bentley Eight which was introduced in 1984 in a bid to attract the younger generation of buyers.

Sir Terry will be missed and Chris Evans, who will be replacing him, will have some pretty big shoes to fill. The queen is one avid listener who will miss Sir Terrys banter in the morning along with many of his other devoted followers.

Bentley Donate Bus

A luxuriously restored Red London bus has been given a face lift thanks to Bentley Motors. It seems the Bentley dealership offers much more than luxurious cars.

Interiror of the Bentley Bus

Interiror of the Bentley Bus

The bus was donated to St Lukes Hospice and Bentley customised the interior of the bus to an impressive standard.

Bentley have been a long term supporter for the charity, and previous support has seen Bentley renovate some of the charities shops and gardens. St lukes appealed to Bentley with the restoration of this bus and by the look of it Bentley have pulled out all of the stops.

The bus restoration project involved 59 Bentley employees and the finished job is impressive. The team have tried to keep as many original features as possible and combined it with the classic Bentley look and feel.

Every inch of the bus has been well refurbished and has many of the quality finishing touches that you would find in a Bentley motor and much more.

Donation Box

Donation Box

Craftsmen from the Bentley work shop produced bespoke components for the bus have designed the interior in a way that will provide the St Lukes staff with a great base to reach out to the community which will in turn raise public awareness and increase funding.

There are some really nice features on the bus. One such feature is the bus ticket collection box, which Bentley has now changed which accepts donations towards the charity.

Its clear to see that the staff at Bentley have felt really passionate bout this project and it has been a labour of love for many of those involved. The end product is a stunning bus presented in the highest of standard.

If you would like to donate towards the St Lukes Hospice then please click here.

Ford Probe 1989 -1997

We all have our favourite sports cars and there are many outstanding models that catch our attention and the imagination of millions. The obvious ones would be Porsche, Ferrari and the Aston Martin to name but a few. Yet there are other sports cars that have been overlooked and have been produced by some manufactures that you would not have usually associate with these high performance cars.

Ford have been well noted for their recent family cars like the Fiesta, Focus and the Ka. Yet they did offer something that was a little more of the mainstream tack a few years ago.

The Ford Probe was a car that was produced by Ford and was only available on the North American market between 1989 and 1997. Ford teamed up with Mazda for the design and concept of the car.

Based upon the Mazda GD concept, the car offers a 2.2-litre engine and an inline four-cylinder engine.

This machine was very much a work of great engineering in it’s own right, and could easily compete with the best of the rest. The overall feel of the car offered the benefits of a modern day sports car as well as the luxury components that you would not have associated with a car like this until that point.

Ford also offered a GT version that provided you with everything that the LX version had but had a 2.2-litre turbo charged intercooled four-cylinder engine producing 145 horsepower. The GT also featured four wheel disc breaks, ABS, three-way adjustable suspension and power steering.

1993 saw the Probe have a facelift that some considered to be a good thing, making it more appealing and a look that reflected the ‘get up and go’ feel of the car. The LX, which was the next model up came with additional luxuries like electric windows, electric mirrors and eventually saw an upgrade in 1990 when the engine was upgraded to 3.0-litre V6 as standard.

Comparisons of the two models saw the GL come with standard 2.0-litre DOHC (Double Over Head Cam) engine supplying 118 of horsepower and the GT model offered a 2.5-litre, 164 horsepower DOHC V6.

The Probe had a pretty good run and ongoing modifications made the car a right choice for many people. With almost a 20 year life span the car was changed to meet the needs and demands of the public and by today’s standard the second edition was the one that caught the attention of many members of the motoring community.

Bentley Azure T Review

All of you luck devils out there that have put a Bentley on your Christmas wish list it might be worth reading this review. Whether you have a new or pre owned Bentley you might be wondering what the new Bentley has in store? Well read on.

So far everything I have seen suggests that the new offering by Bentley is a thumbs up winner. It seems to boast exactly what people are looking for.

Lets start with the exterior. The front of the car displays a retractable bonnet badge as well as a tinted front grill. Still visible is the Bentley classic design and popular style of which they are known for. The smooth finish and sleek curves of the bodyworks suggests elegance and complimentary design.  The convertible has a three part electrically powered self folding roof. Sitting nicely behind the rear seat the roof will pack itself away for you in 25 seconds.

Your money also gets you a 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8 and offers 11percent more power than that of the Azure and in addition to this there is 1,000Nm of torque at your disposal meaning that the acceleration is incredible.

A quick press on the accelerator and before you know if you have hit 62 mph in 5.5 seconds. Just imagine that – in a car that weighs 2.7 tonne.

Prices are around £245,000 – get saving now!

Fast Ford Transit

Hello one and all. If you are one of the regular readers on the blog you may have noticed that I like to see what you want information on and if there are anything that you want to talk about. So this is one of those times when I address a topic that many of you have brought to my attention. I have been asked by many of you for a little more info on the Ford Transit Express van as it seems to be causing quite a stir in the industry. So here goes.

Commercial vans have come a long way since they were first introduced and today are a thing of comfort as well as convenience. Year on year each manufacturer has produced their interpretation of what they think customers want.

The introduction of Fords Transit Connect X-Press has taken the market by storm and has grabbed quite a lot of attention. The X-Press is a Europe-only vehicle designed and developed by Ford. The van has been labelled as a ‘Supervan’ by some and compared to a sports car due to the vans power.

It looks like Ford have learned a trick or two. They have used the same powertrain as the class-leading Ford Focus RS enabling the Van to go 0-60mhp in less than seven seconds, which is quite an achievement when you remember that it’s a commercial vehicle.

Yet it’s not just the impressive acceleration that the associates the Ford with the sports like attributes. The new lowered body design is 70mm lower than the standard connect minivan and comes fitted with 18″ alloy wheels which finish the look and feel of the van off nicely.

Don’t worry if this power might be a little too much for you the X-Press is fitted with an integrated roll cage as a safety feature if needed.

In conclusion Ford have done well with this new addition. It’s cleared all of what didn’t work with the older model and provided solutions that do. The elements that did work have been allowed to stay in-keeping with the thinking that if it’s broken then don’t fix it.

Only time will tell what the workmen think of the vans.

Question sand comments are all welcome but please avoid spam as it won’t be published anyway.

Iconic Vans

For years we watched on TV as out heroes drove around in the best, fastest and most hi tech cars ever contemplated. As we watched, there couldn’t have been many of you that didn’t imagine yourself driving around and chasing bad guys and serving justice.

Knight Rider saw a car that could be communicated to via a watch and pulled some pretty amazing stunts. The Dukes of Hazzard offered us a hi performance orange car ripping up the small town of Hazzard. But this blog is for all of you who wanted to ride around with the A-Team in their van.

For many, the idea of jumping in and out of the black van with the classic red strip was just a dream. To be side by side with Hannibal, Face, Murdock and the touch guy B.A. Baracus was a child hood vision for many, but as we get older we realise that we won’t be able to fulfil every dream, or can we?

Whilst stumbling through the internet I found this great blog that will enable you to hire an A-Team van. How brilliant is that? Just imagine having the A-Team van for a stag do or pick you up from the wedding? Get a few mates to chip in and then you can all cruise around the town with the soundtrack blaring out. There is on draw back, the van need to be chauffer driven, but you could always dress the driver up as B.A.

If you have 4 people already in your pretend A-Team then good news:

The A-Team vans for Sale CLICK HERE

It’s not the real van it is a replica model that looks pretty good. You would be hard pushed to spot the difference between the original and this one. You probably won’t be able to pull half of the stunts seen in the show or the van won’t last more than a week. But feel free to cruise around the town looking to right wrongs and save and distressed young maidens from the clutches of an evil drug baron or power hungry, gun happy businessman that wants to rule to the town.

New Ford Mustang Revealed

This week we saw Ford revealed their latest offering in the Mustang league. The Los Angeles car show was the event for this unveiling and Ford was happy to announce a more powerful engine and improved fuel efficiency.

The new 2011 Mustang will offer 305 horsepower and a fuel efficiency of 25%. It will also give the owner the chance to have a V6 engine with a new 6 speed automatic transition.

Fords biggest rival in the muscle car competition is Chevrolet Camaro which might look as though it will outsell the Mustang, yet Ford plans to hit back hard with their latest offering of the Mustang which will hit the show rooms from spring next year.

Ford expects to regain its dominance on the muscle car market in a similar way to what it has done in the UK with the hatchback market, remaining successful even after the completion of the ‘cash for clunkers’ scheme had ended. Fords offering of the Fiesta, Ka as well as their popular choice of commercial vans have shown that Ford still have a large dominance in the car market today.