Batmobile for sale

So Christmas is right around the corner and there are probably one or two presents that you want to buy for yourself. Chances are good that you have seen something that you like and you have a wish list longer than your arm. Perhaps some new gadgets, new clothes or even a new car tops the list.

What type of car would you go for? Aston Martin, Ferrari, or why not something a little more exotic, like the Batmobile! Just imagine that, no longer driving around in your Ford Focus but cruising around the town in the Batmobile! What’s the chance of getting a car? Seems unlikely, I know but it available to buy! Don’t believe me? It’s on Ebay (Click).

This would be your chance to own your child hood dream car (and just in time for xmas). The car is fully legal to be out on the road, comes with MOT and has registered British number plates.

The car is based upon the 1973 Lincoln Continental and is equipped with a 7.5 litre engine.

Being only one to three known in the world this car is sure to be hot property and is bound to attract a lot of attention as well as a lot of competition.

That’s not all though. The new owner of this car will get flashing lights, a parachute, after burners and rockets! What are you waiting for? Head over and have a look and place a bid.

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