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Hello one and all. If you are one of the regular readers on the blog you may have noticed that I like to see what you want information on and if there are anything that you want to talk about. So this is one of those times when I address a topic that many of you have brought to my attention. I have been asked by many of you for a little more info on the Ford Transit Express van as it seems to be causing quite a stir in the industry. So here goes.

Commercial vans have come a long way since they were first introduced and today are a thing of comfort as well as convenience. Year on year each manufacturer has produced their interpretation of what they think customers want.

The introduction of Fords Transit Connect X-Press has taken the market by storm and has grabbed quite a lot of attention. The X-Press is a Europe-only vehicle designed and developed by Ford. The van has been labelled as a ‘Supervan’ by some and compared to a sports car due to the vans power.

It looks like Ford have learned a trick or two. They have used the same powertrain as the class-leading Ford Focus RS enabling the Van to go 0-60mhp in less than seven seconds, which is quite an achievement when you remember that it’s a commercial vehicle.

Yet it’s not just the impressive acceleration that the associates the Ford with the sports like attributes. The new lowered body design is 70mm lower than the standard connect minivan and comes fitted with 18″ alloy wheels which finish the look and feel of the van off nicely.

Don’t worry if this power might be a little too much for you the X-Press is fitted with an integrated roll cage as a safety feature if needed.

In conclusion Ford have done well with this new addition. It’s cleared all of what didn’t work with the older model and provided solutions that do. The elements that did work have been allowed to stay in-keeping with the thinking that if it’s broken then don’t fix it.

Only time will tell what the workmen think of the vans.

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