Terry Wogan’s Bentley sold at auction

You may have heard one or two whispers about the legendary Radio 2 broadcaster retiring this week. Sir Terry Wogan is set to step down from is early morning breakfast show after 27 years presenting it. The broadcaster has decided to step down from the show whilst also moving away from presenting the Eurovision Song contest.

But it is not only Mr. Wogan himself that has made the news. It was revealed that a pre-owned Bentley was sold at auction, which happened to be owned by Mr Wogan himself.

The car was purchased by a museum in the former Soviet state. At the time of the auction the car was not in possession of Sir Terrance, in fact he had sold the car some years ago. There was a little bit of interest in the bidding for the car.

The new owner of the car can be reassured that the Bentley would have been well looked after by Sir Terry, as he holds the second slowest lap time on a TV race that competes celebrities in reasonably priced cars.

His former motor is a Bentley Eight which was introduced in 1984 in a bid to attract the younger generation of buyers.

Sir Terry will be missed and Chris Evans, who will be replacing him, will have some pretty big shoes to fill. The queen is one avid listener who will miss Sir Terrys banter in the morning along with many of his other devoted followers.

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