Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Tamper Proof

You have probably thought about how secure your car is. You’ve considered alarm systems, steering wheel locks, parking in the safest areas, locking your car up at night, not leaving valuables in sight, displaying warnings about the various alarm systems that your vehicle has, having your radio numbered, getting a sign that shows your radio is numbered, and making sure your keys stay out of sight when they’re not on your person, but have you considered how easily somebody could steal your number plates?

Number plate theft in the UK is a real concern amongst both motorists and the police. Motorists obviously don’t want to have to fork out for new registration plates, and there’s also the worry that you’ll be pulled over for a crime that somebody committed using your license plate. It’s a worry for the police as it makes it much harder to track down those who actually committed the crimes if they are using false number plates.

There are a few ways to make it harder for thieves to get your plates. The first and best is using tamper proof screws. These are specially designed to make it nearly impossible for a license plate to be removed from a car without damaging the license plate itself. Thieves might still be able to get the plate off your car, but it will be in pieces, meaning they can’t use it. It also makes sense that thieves are less likely to go after personalised number plates, as thieves want something that blends in, not that draws the eye and attention of those around them.

What Are ABS Brakes?

What is ABS? ABS is also known as Anti Locking Braking system. The system is fitted to cars and is used to prevent the wheels of a car locking up when braking, reducing the chance of skidding.

The system is highly effective because as the wheel is allowed to rotate during braking then the driver is still able to steer the car whilst coming to as sudden stop. The fact that the cars wheels remain in motion to keep traction to the surface of the road will make it easier to control and prevent accidents.

In addition to increasing control the stopping distances are reduced on surfaces such as gravel, snow as well as in wet and dry conditions.

After the implementation to production lines the ABS technology has come on leaps and bounds and seen the development of ever more enhanced and safer components used in these cars.

Most Ford cars come with ABS as standard and you can even obtain a pre owned Ford Ka or Ford Focus that offer such safety.

What does the future hold of ABS?

The future of ABS is almost certainly driven by technology. The components should be more electronically based and have faster and smoother reaction times.

We should see ABS rolled out over every car, van and motorcycle on the production line. Commercial used cars and vans as well as private used vehicles, due to the highly effective track record as well as the high level of safety.

Hazards of Icy Roads

For thousands of children the snow is a great chance to play around, build a snow man and have a day off school, yet adults have much more pressing problems than what the snow brings. Along with the cold weather the issue of care and personal safety rises. Care should be taken on the pavement in such dangerous conditions in order not to injure yourself and to avoid road traffic accidents.

Fresh snow itself isn’t the problem; the problem evolves once the snow has become settled. Once cars and people compact the snow it becomes hard and ice like. If the temperatures remain low, areas that were once snow turn to ice then here lies a problem. The roads and footpaths become covered with ice making the surface difficult to walk on and dangerous to drive over. Patches of back ice on the road make driving highly dangerous and accident black spots in areas where there has been no or little anti-ice preparation such as the use of gritting.

Any rain that the weather offers only causes greater problems as once the road becomes wet with rain water the cold temperatures remains low and this in turn changes into ice and makes the roads and footpaths even more dangerous.

To reduce you chance of a road traffic accident there are a few things that you could do.

Avoid going out
Think about whether the trip is really important or if you can put it off for another day. Is it vitally important that you go out now and do what you are thinking about doing?

Only use main roads
If a road trip is vital then stick to the main roads. These will have more than likely been gritted and should provide the safest route in order to reach your destination.

Plan ahead
Make sure you know what route you are going to take in advance. Familiarise yourself with other possible routes if the one you are choose should be blocked due to an accident.

Listen to the radio
Not for your favorite song but to listen out for a traffic report before you go out. This will allow you to find out if any of the roads you are thinking of taking could be blocked or closed due to the poor weather or an accident.

With these tips in mind you should find that your journey (if you do have to take it) should be met with the least amount of problems.

Gadgets and Cars

If only life was a bit more like the James Bond movies. Gadgets galore, fast cars and so many women you would be falling over them. But life isn’t quite like that, there are so many things that 007 has had that would come in handy. The watch with the lazer on it, a Jetpack and a safe cracker would make life a lot easier and a great addition to any of the ‘everyday’ items that you need.

But how cool would it be to have one of His Aston Martins? How many times have you been out in the road driving around and been cut up by a bad driver?

How cool would it have been to have a car like James Bond? Some crazy fool cuts you up when they don’t know what lane they should be in and without a moments hesitation you flip down the control panel that lurks behind the stereo and a magnitude of options sit at your finger tips.

Should I use the rocket launcher to eliminate the moron who just cut me up or should I use guns on him until he weaves uncontrollably off of the road and out of my path. Or perhaps if I could edge in front of him I could employ the smoke cannons and engulf him with cloud like fog so thick that he would crash and all the smoke would disperse before the police turned up leaving no evidence!

But, alas, I have no Aston Martin capable of such greatness, I don’t even have a used Aston Martin (it’s on the ‘to get’ list).

Warranty for Xmas and I wanted an Aston Martin

So Christmas is done and dusted and after all the fuss and stress the chaos is clearing up and things are beginning to return to normal, providing you don’t include the massive snow fall, frozen roads and icy weather conditions.

With time to reflect on what we did, with who and what we got, it’s a good time for quiet contemplation.  Christmas doesn’t usually fail to deliver the occasional surprise and Christmas ’09 was no different.

After having a dodgy car for the last three months leading up to Christmas, you would be right in thinking that this might put some weight behind the xmas present that I wanted along the theme of cars. With the car playing up and refusing to co-operate in the cold weather and not function properly I was sure to let every one know that I might need something that be more reliable and would get me to and from work safely (Aston Martin DB9 ‘cough’).

Dropping subtle hints leading up to Christmas did not go unnoticed by my friends and family and they took these to heart when selecting my present.

It’s at this point that I am going to remind you that people don’t think a like. When I am hinting towards an Aston Martin sports car everyone else around me is thinking ‘He is hinting at a Car Warranty Plan for his existing car’ which in hindsight is not only more practical but a lot more realistic for my current lifestyle.

Perhaps an Aston Martin wasn’t what I really wanted. They are luxurious, and fast and look stunning but I couldn’t run one and where I live they would just make life harder. I am better off with the Car Warranty as I needed that more than an Aston Martin and the warranty will be incredibly handy the next time that the car decides that it’s not going to start today as the weather is too cold and it would be better if it didn’t have to more today.

Fords are a popular choice

Every manufactures dreams of making something that is in high demand and gets people wanting it. Eagerly anticipated products and items such as Harry Potter books, ipod and computer games can leave the public queuing to get their hands on these greatly desired products.

Although having a product that is highly in demand can leave a few problems for the new owner. Once the ipod was launched it was only a matter of time before we heard reports of people having theirs stolen from them.

It seems that it’s not just ipods that criminals want. The Ford Transit Van has been named the vehicle of choice by want-to-be thieves. Police statistics show that the Ford transit was their vehicle of choice when it came to theft in 2008.

‘Due to the sheer number of these vehicles and the huge market for stolen parts, these models are very popular with criminals,” said Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hooper, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.

Perhaps dude to the popularity of the Ford Transit they are easy to come by and find if need be. By opting for something a little more uncommon would make them an easy target to be found with.

So it seems that the Ford Transit is able to cope with most tasks, even those that its isn’t designed for.

Break Downs and Accidents

The bad weather has a lot to answer for. Road traffic accidents, personal injury claims as well as a lot of broken down cars.

Icy conditions and dangerous road surfaces leave drivers and pedestrians exposed to slips, black ice and accidents waiting to happen. Road traffic accidents soar in the cold and icy conditions that the UK has been experiencing since the first week of January.

Many people didn’t even make it as far as an accident. Hundreds of people across the UK scrambled to their car in the morning, defrosted the ice and cleared the snow from the windscreen, then in the moment of truth when the cars engine was supposed to fire up, and start bellowing hot air from the heaters all they were met with was a struggling sound that never amounted to much.

The cold weather was too much for some cars and they sit there dormant and lifeless until removed for scrap. Some were lucky enough to get that jump start that they needed to breathe life back into them and show some sign of movement.

When the car sits there for too long it can often make it harder to get the car started and the older style petrol cars usually suffer from this a fair bit.

As sales of de-icer climb during these cold months as do the sales of car batteries and jumper cables and who can blame people, it’s better to be prepared than caught out.

So take good care of your car this winter. Try and park it in the garage where you can get the engine started on a regular basis to keep the life going in it. Even take it out for a little spin and get the engine working, it will make life easier in the long run.

Don’t Panic

Icy roads can be lethal. A surprising encounter with a patch of ice could catch you off guard and leave you panicking and before you know it you could be in trouble.

All too often people take risks when venturing out and find themselves in a situation that they don’t know what to do in.

Take a look at this video clip of an individual and her passenger who gets caught out on an icy road and spills into a road traffic accident waiting to happen.

Icy Video

That situation can be a little heart stopping at the point of no return, yet there are a few things that the driver could have done to try and regain control of the situation.

Instead of jumping out of the car whilst in motion and allowing it to hurtle down the road out of control, the driver could have repeatedly pressed on and off of the brakes whilst trying to steer the car out of the way of other cars, people and buildings. This may have allowed the car to obtain enough grip on the road to move and street out of harms way.

It wouldn’t be ideal to jump out of a moving car, as this would leave the car completely unmanned and exposed to whatever was lying in its path. Although as panic set in we can only imagine that the thoughts going through the minds of the people occupying the car was ‘ABANDON SHIP!’

So take care when you are out and about on the roads and if you want to remain safe, don’t go out!