Break Downs and Accidents

The bad weather has a lot to answer for. Road traffic accidents, personal injury claims as well as a lot of broken down cars.

Icy conditions and dangerous road surfaces leave drivers and pedestrians exposed to slips, black ice and accidents waiting to happen. Road traffic accidents soar in the cold and icy conditions that the UK has been experiencing since the first week of January.

Many people didn’t even make it as far as an accident. Hundreds of people across the UK scrambled to their car in the morning, defrosted the ice and cleared the snow from the windscreen, then in the moment of truth when the cars engine was supposed to fire up, and start bellowing hot air from the heaters all they were met with was a struggling sound that never amounted to much.

The cold weather was too much for some cars and they sit there dormant and lifeless until removed for scrap. Some were lucky enough to get that jump start that they needed to breathe life back into them and show some sign of movement.

When the car sits there for too long it can often make it harder to get the car started and the older style petrol cars usually suffer from this a fair bit.

As sales of de-icer climb during these cold months as do the sales of car batteries and jumper cables and who can blame people, it’s better to be prepared than caught out.

So take good care of your car this winter. Try and park it in the garage where you can get the engine started on a regular basis to keep the life going in it. Even take it out for a little spin and get the engine working, it will make life easier in the long run.

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