Don’t Panic

Icy roads can be lethal. A surprising encounter with a patch of ice could catch you off guard and leave you panicking and before you know it you could be in trouble.

All too often people take risks when venturing out and find themselves in a situation that they don’t know what to do in.

Take a look at this video clip of an individual and her passenger who gets caught out on an icy road and spills into a road traffic accident waiting to happen.

Icy Video

That situation can be a little heart stopping at the point of no return, yet there are a few things that the driver could have done to try and regain control of the situation.

Instead of jumping out of the car whilst in motion and allowing it to hurtle down the road out of control, the driver could have repeatedly pressed on and off of the brakes whilst trying to steer the car out of the way of other cars, people and buildings. This may have allowed the car to obtain enough grip on the road to move and street out of harms way.

It wouldn’t be ideal to jump out of a moving car, as this would leave the car completely unmanned and exposed to whatever was lying in its path. Although as panic set in we can only imagine that the thoughts going through the minds of the people occupying the car was ‘ABANDON SHIP!’

So take care when you are out and about on the roads and if you want to remain safe, don’t go out!

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