Fords are a popular choice

Every manufactures dreams of making something that is in high demand and gets people wanting it. Eagerly anticipated products and items such as Harry Potter books, ipod and computer games can leave the public queuing to get their hands on these greatly desired products.

Although having a product that is highly in demand can leave a few problems for the new owner. Once the ipod was launched it was only a matter of time before we heard reports of people having theirs stolen from them.

It seems that it’s not just ipods that criminals want. The Ford Transit Van has been named the vehicle of choice by want-to-be thieves. Police statistics show that the Ford transit was their vehicle of choice when it came to theft in 2008.

‘Due to the sheer number of these vehicles and the huge market for stolen parts, these models are very popular with criminals,” said Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hooper, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.

Perhaps dude to the popularity of the Ford Transit they are easy to come by and find if need be. By opting for something a little more uncommon would make them an easy target to be found with.

So it seems that the Ford Transit is able to cope with most tasks, even those that its isn’t designed for.

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