Gadgets and Cars

If only life was a bit more like the James Bond movies. Gadgets galore, fast cars and so many women you would be falling over them. But life isn’t quite like that, there are so many things that 007 has had that would come in handy. The watch with the lazer on it, a Jetpack and a safe cracker would make life a lot easier and a great addition to any of the ‘everyday’ items that you need.

But how cool would it be to have one of His Aston Martins? How many times have you been out in the road driving around and been cut up by a bad driver?

How cool would it have been to have a car like James Bond? Some crazy fool cuts you up when they don’t know what lane they should be in and without a moments hesitation you flip down the control panel that lurks behind the stereo and a magnitude of options sit at your finger tips.

Should I use the rocket launcher to eliminate the moron who just cut me up or should I use guns on him until he weaves uncontrollably off of the road and out of my path. Or perhaps if I could edge in front of him I could employ the smoke cannons and engulf him with cloud like fog so thick that he would crash and all the smoke would disperse before the police turned up leaving no evidence!

But, alas, I have no Aston Martin capable of such greatness, I don’t even have a used Aston Martin (it’s on the ‘to get’ list).

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