Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Tamper Proof

You have probably thought about how secure your car is. You’ve considered alarm systems, steering wheel locks, parking in the safest areas, locking your car up at night, not leaving valuables in sight, displaying warnings about the various alarm systems that your vehicle has, having your radio numbered, getting a sign that shows your radio is numbered, and making sure your keys stay out of sight when they’re not on your person, but have you considered how easily somebody could steal your number plates?

Number plate theft in the UK is a real concern amongst both motorists and the police. Motorists obviously don’t want to have to fork out for new registration plates, and there’s also the worry that you’ll be pulled over for a crime that somebody committed using your license plate. It’s a worry for the police as it makes it much harder to track down those who actually committed the crimes if they are using false number plates.

There are a few ways to make it harder for thieves to get your plates. The first and best is using tamper proof screws. These are specially designed to make it nearly impossible for a license plate to be removed from a car without damaging the license plate itself. Thieves might still be able to get the plate off your car, but it will be in pieces, meaning they can’t use it. It also makes sense that thieves are less likely to go after personalised number plates, as thieves want something that blends in, not that draws the eye and attention of those around them.

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