Warranty for Xmas and I wanted an Aston Martin

So Christmas is done and dusted and after all the fuss and stress the chaos is clearing up and things are beginning to return to normal, providing you don’t include the massive snow fall, frozen roads and icy weather conditions.

With time to reflect on what we did, with who and what we got, it’s a good time for quiet contemplation.  Christmas doesn’t usually fail to deliver the occasional surprise and Christmas ’09 was no different.

After having a dodgy car for the last three months leading up to Christmas, you would be right in thinking that this might put some weight behind the xmas present that I wanted along the theme of cars. With the car playing up and refusing to co-operate in the cold weather and not function properly I was sure to let every one know that I might need something that be more reliable and would get me to and from work safely (Aston Martin DB9 ‘cough’).

Dropping subtle hints leading up to Christmas did not go unnoticed by my friends and family and they took these to heart when selecting my present.

It’s at this point that I am going to remind you that people don’t think a like. When I am hinting towards an Aston Martin sports car everyone else around me is thinking ‘He is hinting at a Car Warranty Plan for his existing car’ which in hindsight is not only more practical but a lot more realistic for my current lifestyle.

Perhaps an Aston Martin wasn’t what I really wanted. They are luxurious, and fast and look stunning but I couldn’t run one and where I live they would just make life harder. I am better off with the Car Warranty as I needed that more than an Aston Martin and the warranty will be incredibly handy the next time that the car decides that it’s not going to start today as the weather is too cold and it would be better if it didn’t have to more today.

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