What Are ABS Brakes?

What is ABS? ABS is also known as Anti Locking Braking system. The system is fitted to cars and is used to prevent the wheels of a car locking up when braking, reducing the chance of skidding.

The system is highly effective because as the wheel is allowed to rotate during braking then the driver is still able to steer the car whilst coming to as sudden stop. The fact that the cars wheels remain in motion to keep traction to the surface of the road will make it easier to control and prevent accidents.

In addition to increasing control the stopping distances are reduced on surfaces such as gravel, snow as well as in wet and dry conditions.

After the implementation to production lines the ABS technology has come on leaps and bounds and seen the development of ever more enhanced and safer components used in these cars.

Most Ford cars come with ABS as standard and you can even obtain a pre owned Ford Ka or Ford Focus that offer such safety.

What does the future hold of ABS?

The future of ABS is almost certainly driven by technology. The components should be more electronically based and have faster and smoother reaction times.

We should see ABS rolled out over every car, van and motorcycle on the production line. Commercial used cars and vans as well as private used vehicles, due to the highly effective track record as well as the high level of safety.

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