100 Porsches and me

For many people fast cars and the lifestyle that they present is a dream goal. Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin are the things of films, auto shows and magazines that offer luxury cars. Yet there are a few people that consider these sports cars an extension of themselves or a reflection of their personality encapsulated in a car.

Porsche is one such brand that leaves some people feeling just like that. A well produced film that follows the desire and love for the Porsche name is ‘100 Porsches and Me’.

This story is about filmmaker, Andre Schafers obsession for a 1970 grass-green Porsche he has been thinking about since the 1970s. Produced in the style of road movie/ documentary the film looks at the fascination of the Porsche brand for people across the globe, particularly with the celebrities who own them.

The documentary addresses the link between celebrities and Porsche and why they are deemed such high status symbols. Gathering the interest of such celebrities like James Dean and Jerry Seinfeld (whose 47 Porsches sit protected in an old air plane hanger in Santa Monica, CA) we get a glimpse into their lives. The film touches base with 100 people that each have allowed Porsche to make an impact on their lives. They speak about their interest of the brand and the obsession of the cars that the Porsche brand produces.

From the design to the engineering this insightful film covers all elements of the Porsche cars from the mid-life crises of people who rushed out to own one right up to the death of James dean in his Porsche 550 Spyder.

A well documented film that investigates what it is about the Porsche brand that people are so attracted to. Delving into the live of the famous and peeking into their garages to get a feel for their love of the brand and design of these machines. This journey of one mans obsession leads you into the lives of one hundred people each opening up their world and views on these popular cars and the reason that they love Porsche.

For more information about the film follow this link for 100 Porsches and Me.

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