Ford Fusion Hybrid

With most people looking to decrease their environmental footprint and keep their pollution to a low level, we are looking to the motoring industry to provide us with the car to do this at a cost that is not too far out of reach.

Enter the Ford Fusion Hybrid (soon to be available across Ford Dealerships). The latest new Ford offers something for those looking to keep their impact on the environment down and it’s causing quite a stir among buyers and the trade.

Already winning the most Environmentally Progressive Car of the Year 2010 as awarded from Earth, Wind & PowerTM (EWP) it has already proven to be a good success for the car in 2010. The award was assigned to the car that was able to find energy through alternative methods and Ford have done it again.

The look of the car is not too offensive as well. In comparison to the other eco friendly cars that offend the eyes, looking like a slow moving box, you would be forgiven in thinking that there is nothing different about this car.

Sales figures beg to differ though. It has already hit the ground running and is proving to be a popular choice among new car buyers in the US market and they are seeing people switching from other competing brands to own a mean green machine.

This could be the solution for many people and is certainly moving the industry forward and Ford competitors will have to pull something out of the bag to compete with this car.

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