Got a Porsche? Join a Club!

If you are one of the lucky few that have managed to get a new or even a pre owned Porsche and obtain your ideal car then you maybe asking ‘what next?’ Well, besides driving around with people looking on in astonishment and every other day spent waxing the car and cleaning up every element that you love the Porsche you could always join one of the Porsche clubs that are across the UK.

So what are your choices?

PCGB was established in 1961 and has been going strong ever since. The club was founded by some like minded enthusiasts that loved their cars and the Porsche brand. Standing today with in excess of 16,000 members the club is one of the largest across Europe. They offer a whole host of things to do including touring for scenic drives, events with guest speakers, Track days and a website with regular updates.

The Porsche Club UK offers a great website with load of information about Porsche and the cars that they make. As a member you will receive the Porsche newsletter that is published about 9 times a year that contains a whole host of information, news and pictures, you also get full access to their comprehensive Porsche database which details suppliers and recourses, as well as a whole host of additional sites about the Porsche theme.

The PCGB is a great place to meet other like minded people and the Porsche Club UK is fantastic resource for those who want to know more about Porsche, so if you can why not join both?

These two clubs will provide every Porsche owner with something that will light up their fire and allow them to experience the full potential of their Porsche.

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