John Travolta’s Ford Thunderbird for sale

Films stars and rock stars seem to spend a lot of money on houses and fast cars. Who can blames them? Earning million off the back of a film contract or a concert ticket sales you too would probably want to spend some of your cash to treat yourself.

Like all people there is a time when you might want to sell some of these cars and for John Travolta the time has come. Mr Travolta has decided to sell his Ford Thunderbird and like many celebrity cars you can be sure that the person who owned this car will only add to it’s value.

It may have been the same if John had decided to buy a Ford Focus or even a Ford Fiesta, but I don’t rally think that’s his style.
The actor who had his rise to fame with films such as Saturday Night Fever and Grease then went on to have his career reignited with Tarentinos Pulp Fiction ha decided to sell the V8 3.9 Litre engine, he probably doesn’t need the money. The interior of the car is in immaculate condition except for the celebrities signature on the dashboard – a feature that many fans will take a shine to.

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