Great Car Adverts – Part 1

Advertisers have very little time to get their product to make an impact on us during a commercial break. In a short space of time between the shows you are watching, they have to promote a product and explain why you need it.

Many adverts go to great lengths to get you to remember the product and millions of pounds each year are spent on advertising. Many original averts are created each year, yet only a handful make it as the ‘ones you can’t wait to see again’.

Car manufactures are usually the industry that can captivate an audience with an idea to promote their latest offering. This post will be part one of a two part blog post that will highlight some of the most memorable car averts produced and aired on TV so far. Many of these are still available on the internet in places like

We start the list with, what was the New Ford car: Tom and Jerry – Mondeo. This advert was an integration of the widely loved Tom and Jerry cartoon cat and mouse duo. The scene saw Tom and Jerry break out of the TV and then resulted in Tom chasing Jerry the mouse out of the house and around a pristine Ford Mondeo, in their usual frantic fashion. The advert draws to a close when Jerry manages to crawl up inside the exhaust and get into the car, leaving the cat outside in the cold to be chased away by a dog. It’s nicely created and combines both 2D animation and real world surroundings. The advert can be seen here:  Tom and Jerry Ford Advert

Next on the list is the Citroens C4 ‘Dancing Robot’ advert. This is a nice looking advert and is filmed to create the look of an amateur video shot on the off chance. Starting in a car park, the camera is pointed at the car, then all of a sudden the car transforms into a robot, that starts to dance. Moving seamlessly the robot has been fully animated with 3D computer generated software then super-imposed on to live footage of a car park to create an ‘in the moment’ look and feel of the video. See the award winning advert for yourself. Dancing robot advert.

The advert for the Citroen C3 supermini was a flash back to the past. The commercial starts out with the Happy Days title sequence and then goes to show various members of the cast, each in a scene with the Citroen. The Cunninghams use the vehicle for a family scene together while ‘the Fonz’ gets into the drive-in and the security chap opens the boot and plenty of young women get out the back (displaying how much space there is in the boot). All in all, this is a good avert that integrates some old classic TV viewing and a practical car. The advert can be seen here: Happy Days Car Advert

That concludes part one of our look at great car adverts and part two will be coming soon.

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