Great Car Adverts – Part 2

Welcome to Part two of great car adverts. Part one of great car adverts can be seen here for those of you had missed out previously. A quick re-cap of what the first three adverts were, we saw a Cat and Mouse fighting around a brand new Ford car, The Fonz smuggle lots of women in his Citroen C3 and a Citroen C4 with better dance moves than a drunken uncle at a family wedding.

Next on our list we see the Ford Focus which provided us with another use for the parts of the car. The advert cleverly stripped parts of the engine and bodywork down and used them to create instruments. The orchestra featured 21 parts each played by a professional musician. Elements like the transmission were used to create the cello and a clutch was used as a guitar. The advert can been seen here: Ford Focus Music Advert.

From music to food, our next advert sees a car made from something else. The Skoda cake advert proved to be an award winning recipe which led people to think that the car was mouth watering. The car was built using various ingredients such as flour, jam and chocolate that saw a life size replica of the Skoda Fabia. The advert can be seen here and if you want to have a go at building your own Skoda cake car then the recipe can be found here.

That concludes our overview of some of the most impressive car adverts on the TV over the years. You can be sure that the future has an even more impressive selection to come. With technology advancing and car manufactures keen to out do each other you can guarantee that there is a lot to look forward to.

If you have any adverts that you think the rest of our readers would be interested in seeing then feel free to send me the details.

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