Problem Accelerators? What next?

Would you say that we (the public) put too much faith in manufacturers? With many still recoiling from the possible devastation that Toyota could have caused with their inability to spot a defective accelerator pedal, it would be fair to say that it has knocked consumer confidence in the brand.

Yet we still go on and buy many products each day and have utilities such as gas being pumped into our home from these massive corporate brands. Should we be concerned about these too?

Some may think that it is understandable that something might be missed and problems might occur, yet a simple safety check could go missed, problems could unfold and the worse case scenario could see people being injured or killed. Yet others may consider this to be overreacting to this situation.

Some might consider this to be ‘blind faith’ in leaving these safety aspects to the big companies, yet they are the professionals. These are companies that have been producing everyday brands for decades and very little has gone wrong. It would be very unlikely to achieve a 100% safety record and each element is put under vigorous test s to ensure a safe conclusion.

Many other brands were keen to point out the lack of problem with their products when it was discovered that there was a problem with the Toyotas. The makers of the Ford Focus was able to come out and announce that their accelerator pedal posed no treat to consumers and would be safe to use.

It seems that consumer confidence in Toyota has taken a massive knock. Understandable, people will be reluctant to get on board with the Toyota brand due to these issues. It wasn’t helped with the media interest and the wide spread panic that was to follow.

It becomes all too easy to allow someone else to make the decisions for us and to become swayed to what these manufactures have to tell us. Yet what is the alternative? We can physically check the car before we use it and if we did what would we be looking for? We are not professionals and would not know where to start.

Problems are usually very scarce due to the high amount of safety checks that have to be done before these problems occur.

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