Reward Employees Who Turn Up To Work Everyday With A New Car!

Businesses looking to cut down on employee absences could take a look at what some employers in the public sector are doing.  It may seem like a crazy idea, but some employers are offering holidays, money and even cars to low earning workers who have impeccable attendance records.

Employees of Merseyside Fire and Rescue services who have a perfect attendance rate have been entered into draw to win a grand prize of a brand new Honda Jazz.

Other businesses such as the Royal mail have run similar schemes and seen positive results as an outcome. Absentee rates have dropped from 6.1% to 4.8% over the three years the scheme has been going which also offers brand new cars as prizes. In fact thirty seven posties have won new Ford Focus cars thanks to their healthy attendance records. The Royal Mail have also give out prizes of holiday vouchers to another £2000.

Statistics show that workers within the private sector take on average 6.4 days off due to sickness per year. Public sector employees who work for the National Health Service take slightly more with 10.7 which is understandable due to the nature of the work. But the worst attendance record goes to those working in local government who have an average of 13.5 days off sick a year.

While these schemes have gained praise due to improving productivity and deterring employees to stop pulling sickies. What about the genuinely sick people, will they be encouraged to come in even when they are genuinely ill, potentially causing more employees to catch what they have.

So employees who are looking to buy cars in Poole, should hang about to see if their company will be offering a prize any time soon.

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