US to Follow Suit With an Electric Transit Van

It has just been announced in the UK that petrol prices are to rise thanks to the new budget. This combined with the fact the earth is running out of fossil fuels to power our vehicles means that car companies will need to work on cars powered by other fuel sources even more now.

In the UK, the company Tanfield have been producing and selling many Transit commercial vehicles that are powered by electric. These commercial vehicles have proven popular with fleet customers in the UK and around Europe since they went on sale in 2007.

The vehicles run on state of the art batteries that can be charged via a mains socket and once full after 8 hours of charging, power an electric motor that pushes the vehicle along via the rear wheels. These electric powered vehicles are best suited to urban environments as they can only travel 160km and reach a top speed of 80 km/h.

The Americans are obviously impressed as an electric Transit vehicle range for a popular brand is to be launched in the US thanks to a partnership with UK based commercial vehicle manufacturer and the brand. The electric battery version of the Ford Transit van will be available for US companies to purchase in 2010 with further passenger cars in 2011 and an electric hybrid version in 2012.

The version that will be available in America won’t be exactly the same as the UK version, but will be a developed version of the Transit van that should prove to be a popular choice for many workmen.

These recent announcements are definitely a step in the right direction for the automobile industry as we are trying to make clean renewable energy sources that can power the cars and vehicles of the future. More often than not the focus is placed news regarding energy efficient vehicles for the public, it is good to hear that the commercial van sector is taking the environment seriously as well.

Be sure to keep a look out for these commercial vehicles that should help keep the running costs of a business down to an affordable outgoing, especially for those smaller businesses.

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