A List Of Cars And Trucks That the Ford Ranger Has Outsold

The Ford Ranger is one of today’s best selling pickup trucks. Many people trust Ford for their trucking needs. And the Ranger is a nice, compact option for a truck. For years, several individuals have turned to this truck for their driving needs. And chances are you have probably seen plenty of these trucks around town throughout the UK. Currently, this truck still tops the sales charts out ranking many of its competitors.

High Sells

As of 2010, Ford sales have been 25 percent higher than that of their competitors. This is only possible because of the great cars like the Ford Ranger. In particular, there has been a significant increase in the demand for the Ford Ranger recently. The sales numbers for that car have always been strong, however recently they are extremely high. And the Ford Ranger is out selling many of its competition.

Popular Cars That The Ranger Out Sales

Interestingly, many of the cars that the Ranger out sales are very popular today. Some of them are along the same price point. Others are more affordable. And some are pricier. Regardless, they all seem to sell fewer cars right now than the Ford Ranger. Here is a list of cars that the Ranger has outsold.

· Ford Transit Connect – a popular van in the UK. At the end of April, 7000 of these cars had been sold.

· Toyota 4Runner – this car has always been a popular SUV. A lot of 4Runners have been sold this year, yet still not as many as the Ford Ranger.

· Honda Fit – this trendy hatchback has had high sales numbers during the first quarter of 2010. They rank closely with the 4Runner.

· Ford Flex – this larger SUV is a popular Ford model selling over 12,000 in the first quarter of the year. However, the Ranger is still more popular.

· Chevrolet Suburban – The suburban has been a go to car for years. Their sales remain strong, yet not as high as the Ford Ranger.

· Nissan Murrano – this SUV comes close to selling as many vehicles as the Ford Ranger, however it falls slightly shy of the Ranger’s numbers for the year.

· Dodge Dakota – a similar truck to the Ford that unfortunately does not sell as well.

The Ranger has currently sold over 17,500 trucks for 2010, satisfying many customers and continuing to outperform the competition.

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