Build your ideal Ford Fiesta

Looking for a new car? How about a car that is exactly what you want? Perhaps you want more choice of what will suit you rather than be told what you need by a dealership.

Well, the Ford Fiesta could be the ideal choice for you. Ford has made it easier for you to select that car that suits your needs by selecting what you want and what you don’t so that you truly can have a bespoke car to fit your lifestyle.

The Ford website lets you choose various elements that you may or may not want in your car. All the choices you have can be made through the website and will provide you with an overall cost.

Start by choosing how many doors you want your car to have. 3 or 5 doors will be determined by what you need the car for. 3 doors are ideal for scooting your friends around town yet a 5 door car will make access to the back a lot easier which is ideal for families.

Next you get to choose the series that you want your Fiesta to be. You are presented with 5 choices to give you more options that you need. The series that are on offer are: Studio, Edge, ECOnetic, Zetec and Titanium. Each one offering something a little different that doesn’t present a one size fits all approach.

Part three of the selection process is the Engine and Transmission. This is your chance to decide how powerful you want your new car to be as well as decide whether you want automatic or manual gears.

Next to choose from is the colour. Various colours are available and you can even choose a metallic finish if you want something a little bit more lavish.

They do say that the attention is in the detail so this is the part that you need to pay attention too. This is where you are able to choose all of your optional extras. You will be able to choose alloy wheels if it takes your fancy, Bluetooth Hands free connections for your phone, Front and rear parking sensors, Quick clear heated windscreen and even a perimeter alarm, each one allowing you to make the decisions about your car individual to your needs.

With so many options you will be spoilt for choice, you will need to consider that with each addition there is usually an additional cost involved, but the Ford website indicates any change in price through every step of the process.

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