What is a car warranty?

Protect your car

Would you buy a house, kit it all out with your favourite possessions and not insure the building or contents? Would you book a holiday of a life time and not take out insurance to cover you in the event of something happening? No, I didn’t think so.

Whilst you have insured your car either fully comprehensive or third party you may not have considered taking out a car warranty as well. You may not even know what a car warranty is or how they serve you. A car warranty is basically an insurance policy and like every other insurance option, it has varying levels of cover from the mere basics right up to full coverage. Generally speaking they will cover the cost of parts and labour if your vehicle was to ever break down.

A new car usually comes with at least a 3 year warranty so those fortunate souls get to have peace of mind for a good amount of time. Once the warranty runs out, the car is three years older and you are of course more likely to experience a breakdown. This is when you should look to at having a used car warranty and one that is worthwhile will cover engine, fuel and ignition systems, cooling system, gearbox, transmission system, suspension, steering, in fact all major mechanical components.

Committing to a car warranty will help you deal with any unexpected costs of car problems, and anyone who has owned an older car will tell you what a blow these can be to your monthly budget. Get some peace of mind now and you’ll get to just enjoy the ride.

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