A Great First Time Car

Your eldest has just passed her car test. She has been chomping at the bit for a car that gives her street cred, is fun to drive as well as being able to fit her clothes shopping in the boot when she goes to Poole for the day. You are concerned about safety, reliability and economy: all of which she won’t have thought about, but will be thankful of in the future. She keeps bringing you photo after photo of the type of car she would like, the type her friends would like and the pressure is mounting for a purchase.

So, what car do you get her that ticks all her boxes as well as yours? The first and only place to look is in the city car class where the likes of the Panda, Citroen C1 and Agila are. Cheap to buy, cheap to run and perfect for nipping around town, the insurance will be forgiving on a new driver and you can rest assured she will be safe. The best selling car in this class has been and continues to be the Ford Ka Dorset. First produced in 1996 it has continued to be a staple of the Ford range with 2009 seeing the introduction of the second generation.

Either the first or second generation will make a great first time car, it just depends on your budget. There are various models to choose from and again, any will do. When it comes to choosing fuel the petrol is more fun, diesel more economical, bringing the choice down to personal preference. The Ford Ka is widely available from any Ford Dealership Dorset.

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