Ford Transit takes abuse in its Stride

We all know there is a certain reputation white van drivers have, but have you ever considered the stresses and strains that come with being a delivery driver in a Transit Van?

Imagine, for one moment if you will, the fact that the average parcel delivery driver can have up to 109 engine starts in just one day, as opposed to an average high use passenger car having just 19. That not only means that the driver is in and out of his vehicle more times than I care to think, but that they have a large amount of destinations to get to, often with strict deadlines. Couple this with rush hour traffic, accidents or road works and a day in the life of a delivery driver is pretty demanding.

Of course, those demands are also put on the van itself which is why it is so important that they stand the test of time. Considering the amount of engine starts together with the fact that gearbox usage is double that of cars and driving onto curbs to park is far more common, the Ford Transit engineering and design has to be able to endure the all demands and abuse it will receive.

Fortunately, Ford go to great lengths to ensure each and every van is up to withstanding the abuse it may get and with stringent and rigorous tests at every critical stage of manufacture, the Ford Transit takes curb mounting, engine starting and high gearbox usage all in its stride.

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