Improve your Van

We all know the benefits of owning a new commercial van: Great load capacity for storage, delivering and general day to day use for a working trader but there is more you can do to improve a standard van.

Adding a roof rack will give you even more room to store and carry things. Ladders, wooden planks, scaffolding and the like will all go perfectly on a roof rack, especially if they are longer than the inside measurement of the van. If you have a lot of tools and need to carry work products in your van for the majority of the time, it might be worth looking at shelving systems that will work in your Ford Transit. Heavy duty galvanised shelving units are available and often come pre assembled which saves you the time to assemble them.

A tow bar is always useful to have on any vehicle, but if you fill your van to its capacity often enough then it may be worth investing in a tow bar and trailer so you get to carry even more items. Again, a trailer may be worthwhile for items that won’t fit in the van, especially if you have kitted out the inside of your van for crucial shelving units and the like.

Other handy additions to your van may be some rear steps fixed to the back of the van for easy access in and out of the load area. Bulk heads are a useful product, not only to deter thieves but to act as a safety barrier between the driver area and load area.

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