Passing my Driving Test

For me turning 17 was the biggest day of my life, it meant that I could finally start learning to drive. Something that I had dreamt about for a long, long time was to become a reality. I had already pre -booked my first lesson and paid for a batch of five so I could keep the lessons up on a consistent basis. My first car I learnt to drive in was a Ford Fiesta; Taunton was the town in which I learnt and finally passed.

Having passed my theory test (first time) I was then ready to take my practical. It was first thing in the morning so there was a lot of traffic to contend with. Whilst I had an hour to prepare and practice prior to the test, nothing could quite prepare me for the nerves I had. My test tutor was a nice man though and he helped calm my nerves.

I drove in and around Taunton, dealing with buses, cyclists, red lights, stop start traffic. I then did my compulsory manoeuvres and was told to head back to the test centre. It was there the test tutor told me I had passed, I was thrilled.

It took me a further 6 months to save up for my first car and whilst this was happening I spent a lot of my free time looking around at Used Cars Taunton to see what would be available and at what prices. I finally got my car in the December and was so excited when it was parked outside I could barely sleep.

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