Vans to support Charity Aid

It appears that the Ford Transit will play one of the biggest roles of its life soon. A whole fleet of Ford Vans, including the Ford Ranger and the Transit Tourneo, are heading to Belarus with twenty three charity workers to help refurbish a dilapidated village school.

The village suffered greatly from the fall out of the 1986 nuclear disaster in neighbouring Ukraine and close to 90% of the schools pupils have illnesses relating to the fallout, yet it’s believed that the village school has never had a medical treatment room. The charity workers will be working solidly for 10 days to help refurbish, repair and restore the building, as well as setting up a medical room and equipping it with everything it will need. The vans have the responsibility of getting all the charity workers and kit there safely.

The charity workers will be making the 1000 mile trip in the loaned Ford vehicles; the Ford Ranger will come in useful for carrying a whole host of supplies and is perfect both on and off road whilst the Tourneo will transport many of the charity volunteers. Those at the school affected by the legacy of the Chernobyl disaster will benefit greatly from the efforts of the charity workers over these ten days.

The Ford Vans play a pivotal role, ensuring that the load they carry will cover the 1000 miles distance reliably and with little threat of breakdown. All the vehicles will no doubt be serviced and given a good once over prior to setting off, and of course, with a Ford you know you are always in good hands.

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