Ford Fair: The Festival not to miss

With only ten days to go everyone who has booked their ticket and taken the time off work are getting increasingly excited and it’s no wonder: The biggest and best Ford festival in Europe, which is held at our very own Silverstone circuit, is due back again. On Sunday 8th August everyone who loves Ford, from avid workers at Ford Dealer Taunton who will be there to keep up with the current trends and passions, to the guys who aspire to have the very best modified car, will be taking their time at the festival and making sure they don’t miss anything. And there is a lot to see:

There’s the ‘Ford Only Action’ on the racetrack which means that for a small fee you can get to race around the track in a Ford car. The Ford Fair Concours offer you a chance to see the very best of modified Fords from the Sierra, Sapphire, Escort Cosworth to the Ford Focus Taunton. There is of course the Ford Fair where all visitors get a chance to have a thorough look around at all the imaginable products, parts and adaptions you can get for virtually all the Ford makes and models.

There will be over 3,500 Fords on display and all Fords are welcome. Everything from the very latest performance and modified cars to the immaculately restored classics, this Ford Fair really is a sight for sore eyes. Loud, colourful, thrilling and stimulating, anyone who has a passion for cars will have an amazing day. Check out more here.

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