Ford Ranger Wildtrak

If you are looking for an SUV (Sport utility vehicle) then a Ranger Wildtrak could be the perfect choice. The Wildtrak is the top specification out of a choice of four models and three different cab configurations. Each cab provides a different level of luxury; innovation and space which are all designed to fit your lifestyle and business requirements. There is also a choice of two engines, either the 4×2 rear wheel drive or the popular 4×4 choice.

The interior of the New Ranger has been redesigned and refined with a host of practical features and controls. Premium options such as leather seating also provides the driver with superior comfort on short and long journeys.

The Ranger has a 4-wheel anti brake locking system which provides peace of mind when both laden and unladen as well as when towing, and offers superior braking, preventing wheel lock. There is a comprehensive safety system and it possesses a rigid frame along with robust suspension which provides a stable and sure footed ride whatever terrain you are driving on.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is equally capable on and off road and has an impressively imposing presence making most heads turn. The styling is bold and manages to combine the resilience of a workhorse with the looks and performance of a thoroughbred, which for any SUV is a must.

The new ranger is now more daring and prominent than ever, offering premium comfort, great ease of use and a practicality you would expect from an SUV: it delivers on both style and capability.

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